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Upcoming USSS Events For ALL Lakers Racers

Coaches Will and Tommy will be traveling with our National squad to Marquette this weekend. This will be the first opportunity for these athletes to compete on the same race hill that will hold the Central Division Qualifiers later on in February. It is also a memorial race to honor a young lady taken too soon. Shelly Glover, who rose all the way to be named on the US Ski Team in the early 2000's. Shelley raced out of Madison, WI.

Please wish our National Team racers traveling to Marquette this weekend the best of luck for safe travels and successful racing!

Shelley Glover Memorial Race

Marquette Mountain, MI

January 18-19-20

Shelley Glover Fact Sheet

Mt LaCrosse

January 26-27

Contact Will or Kevin if you would like to participate in this race

This will be a great event for our high school aged racers as well as Non-Scored athletes since the Wisconsin State HS meet is held annually at Mt LaCrosse. This race will be another opportunity to compete on a very unique race hill.

What is a non-scored athlete?

Skills Quest

Sunburst Ski Area

January 27 (Registration Due 1/25)

Please let Brian or Kevin know if you are planning to attend and complete your registration from the link below.

Skills Quest Fact Sheet & Registration

On Sunday January 27, USSS will be hosting a Skills Quest event at Sunburst. This is a "free" training event offered to U8-U14 racers (the fact sheet says U10-U14, but U8s are welcome). This is a great opportunity for a full day of focusing on drills, skills & fundamentals led by Ange Worrell, our USSS-Rocky/Central Youth Coordinator.

This is a "free" event because

1. Your racers will still need a lift ticket

2. Your racers will need to upgrade to a Competitor Membership or purchase a short-term upgraded membership.

What's this you say about a "Competitor Membership?" Yeah, I was/am confused too. This year USSS has made the decision that all racers who participate in Skills Quest events need a Competitor Membership. This is the next level up from the General Membership that everyone bought for their racer if you are only racing WJR.

What this means for you is that if you would like your racer to participate in this Skills Quest event you must either:

1. Upgrade your racer to a Competitor Membership. How do I upgrade my membership?

2. OR purchase a single day short-term membership for $20 (U8-U12) or $25 (U14). How do I purchase a short-term membership?

If you choose to upgrade your racer you will pay the difference between the $20 you already spent for your General Membership and the Competitor membership which will net out to:

  • U8 + $5

  • U10-U12 + $30

  • U14 + $60

Here's a link to the membership document.

So what would be your motivation to upgrade to the Competitor Membership if your racer is above U8? There are 2 more events you can participate in if you upgrade. One will be the Metro Cup Finale at Tyrol Basin March 2-3 and the other is the Skills & Thrills Camp at Granite Peak April 6-7. The event at Tyrol will be a GS one day and a dual paneled slalom the other day. Granite is a skills and strength camp. If the snow is good racers have a skills camp capped off by some fun races. If the snow isn't great they try to ski in the morning and then do dry land training at a gym in the afternoon.

For both the Tyrol Metro Cup event and the Skills & Thrills camp, you could also purchase the short-term membership.

I hope this all makes sense?!? Likely not. So if not, please ask questions!!!

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