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Cut The Costs

We all know ski racing can get expensive. Not only is there a lot of gear required, but once you get your racers outfitted, they just keep growing. And then they grow again. To help make the experience a bit more affordable for our families, we are developing relationships with vendors who are able to offer us discounts on racing equipment and accessories. Check back here often to see what we've found. 

Shop at  and enjoy 30% discount from MSRP on Bliz, Start, and Anti-Freeze products with “lakers30” promo code.


Check the files linked below for pricing:

0001096_artech_415.jpg offers a 20% discount on all items on their website. At checkout use discount code: 855fisskis. If you get an error message or have difficulty with the code, call the company directly and mention the racer discount. They will apply the code for you.

Don't forget to join the Southern Wisconsin Ski Racing Equipment Facebook Page. This is a closed group for local club and high school racers to buy and sell used equipment​.

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