Upcoming USSS Events For ALL Lakers Racers

Coaches Will and Tommy will be traveling with our National squad to Marquette this weekend. This will be the first opportunity for these athletes to compete on the same race hill that will hold the Central Division Qualifiers later on in February. It is also a memorial race to honor a young lady taken too soon. Shelly Glover, who rose all the way to be named on the US Ski Team in the early 2000's. Shelley raced out of Madison, WI. Please wish our National Team racers traveling to Marquette this weekend the best of luck for safe travels and successful racing! Shelley Glover Memorial Race Marquette Mountain, MI January 18-19-20 Shelley Glover Fact Sheet Mt LaCrosse January 26-27 Contact Will o

Race Day Checklist

Race season is on!! Here's a quick checklist for added preparedness: * Hard Eared Helmet * Goggles (2 pair with appropriate lenses for conditions) * Gloves/Mittens (2 pair) * Socks (2 pair) * Face mask/turtle * Hand & foot warmers * Snacks, water, Gatorade * Slalom gate guards, chin bar, and armor as needed * Boots * Skis (write your name on them or uniquely mark them) * Poles (frequently forgotten) (write your name on them or uniquely mark them) * Race suit * Full-zip pants/shorts if wearing a suit * Layers as needed * Lift ticket (Racers can wrap their ticket around their goggle strap if racing in a suit)



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