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Race Day Checklist

Race season is on!!

Here's a quick checklist for added preparedness:

* Hard Eared Helmet

* Goggles (2 pair with appropriate lenses for conditions)

* Gloves/Mittens (2 pair)

* Socks (2 pair)

* Face mask/turtle

* Hand & foot warmers

* Snacks, water, Gatorade

* Slalom gate guards, chin bar, and armor as needed

* Boots

* Skis (write your name on them or uniquely mark them)

* Poles (frequently forgotten) (write your name on them or uniquely mark them)

* Race suit

* Full-zip pants/shorts if wearing a suit

* Layers as needed

* Lift ticket (Racers can wrap their ticket around their goggle strap if racing in a suit)

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